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Rubii Jiin

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PostSubject: SEVENTEEN DOTS   Fri Dec 03, 2010 10:03 pm

There’s this someone I had, I owned and now, I have lost. Reminiscing is a bitter-sweet thing but then, you must face it, it’s part of your history and it will never be the same as before.

I miss the times that he would grab my hand while we walk just because I don’t know how to cross the street.
It’s funny how he acts gayish, ending up having goose bumps while I laugh at him.
It’s funny how he would say sorry a million times to a fight that I had started and everything was my fault.
It takes my breath away whenever he would untie my hair, brushes it with his fingers and tells me that I smell good even though I am soaked with perspiration.
I like the way he looks at me in the eye, and by that, we know we were thinking the same thing.
It’s funny how he acts like his in so much pain every time I bite his shoulder and even asks for more.
I miss watching him sleep, how innocent he seems to be and wakes up, hugs me and tells me that he dreamt of me while he’s asleep.
I loved the way we would look back after we took a few steps away from each other, looking at each other’s eyes like begging for another second together.
I miss the way he would laugh at me because I’m crying over melodramatic movies, wipe my tears and kiss my eyes while he says that it’s just a stupid movie to waste my tears.
I miss the silly fights we had, and before the end of the day we would end up laughing about it.
I miss the way he would pull me close to him; force me to dance with him even if there’s no music, and that I would dance anyway.
I love the way he looked stunned every time I give him surprises, and how he wondered why he didn’t figured out about it.
I miss the times when he sings me my favorite song with all his might even though he doesn’t have a good voice.
I miss the days we planned of our future, how he likes a simple life and how he tells me he wants to grow old with me.
I loved it every time he needs me, and how he whispers the words ‘I love you’ to me.
I fell in love with him more while we were on the middle of a disaster, instead of leaving me alone, he held my hand and together faced whatever happened.
And lastly, I miss the man, who loved me despite of my despites, who treated me like a princess in his own little ways; and the one who gave more when he only had less.

BjeaNavarrete [b]©[/b] lol!
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PostSubject: Re: SEVENTEEN DOTS   Thu Jan 06, 2011 3:39 am

ouch ! super like i love this but it made my tears fall again :( . it's so hard to forget someone if you're not really eager enough to forget that person . it hurts when you reminisce all those times , and not just that you miss it , but you're still hoping to do same things again of course with the same person . bringing back the memories only in your thoughts won't help you to move on . it would just make it hard for you to forget him and would find yourself hoping . until you become hopeless . to conclude , it's still your choice . you are responsible for yourself . don't think and do things that surely will hurt you . you know it by yourself what would help you move on ;) . [quote][code] :D
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