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 I Love Butterflies

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PostSubject: I Love Butterflies    Thu Apr 14, 2011 8:19 pm

I love butterflies- their colorful wings and their innocence as they are free to fly with the playful wind. They don’t mind what surrounds them; they just keep on flying that seems like they never get tired. It doesn’t matter how far their wings bring them or how long it takes to reach the horizon and be in wild. They don’t even aware of being hurt, it’s just they love to fly.

Yet sometimes, I feel like I’m just like them. Though I have no wings, I can still walk independently through the roads of the playful world. I have no idea on what kinds of people I may meet, I don’t mind, I have to walk. I have to- I might gasp, or feel thirst, feel hunger as sweat falls; feel the pain of my feet with my knees trembling but I will never get tired. It doesn’t matter where the roads are leading me to- I have to wait. Wait no matter how long it takes before the end of the roads be unveiled even it seems, I’m at nowhere. I’m not afraid to be hurt or to face everything it’s just, I love my life.

And so in love, actually I don’t know what love is, all I know- love conquers all but I don’t know how true it is until he came. He who is totally opposite of me, but I like the way it is. He’s not that nice to be with but I know and feel there’s a soft side of his character. He’s snobbish but he gave me a lot of attention. He’s jealous but I know it’s just one of his ways to show how much he wanted me to stay. He’s possessive, others don’t like it but I do mostly when I feel he really needs me. That time I feel in love with him. In love to a guy who is hard to please but I love to be with, then a love story begins,

I love like a butterfly. I love him sincerely and pure of innocence. I don’t mind what others tell me or how fool I am to love a guy such like him, I just keep on loving. Even it’s hard I always want to understand him; sometimes it hurts, but not annoying. It doesn’t matter how deep my love, for me to do anything or how long I should wait for his love to make me feel I’m the only girl. I wish but I don’t expect. I don’t care how painful to love at all it’s just, I love him.

I once wish to be a butterfly. When I notice something has changed, I talk to him and he ask for his freedom with tears, I let him go. I still love him. A moment, he came back I warmly welcomed him believing that he missed me and he said so. He revealed- he fell in love with someone else but he loves me more, I just believed. He cheated but I still believe in loving him.

I’m now a butterfly. He gave up me, he wants me to be free; he loves me. He can’t take to see me suffer with his cruel love but I love him so I stayed. He cried- I do; we love each other. He made a promise that I will be the only girl on his life. I look forward but it let me to break my heart, he did the same mistake and I do the same to accept him again and again as simply as I love him.

I do love butterflies. I never give up loving but now that I really feel that I am loved as he sweetly said. I just look at him- crying and begging for my forgiveness. I want to love him the way I do before but why I can’t. I miss him but a part of me pushes him away. There’s one thing that people don’t know about butterflies, they never return from the places they just have been. I never give up loving, but love gave up for me. I close my eyes as I walk away from him without knowing where I should go what I just know is…

I love butterflies- which can’t stay in one particular place, it does hurt but one must let go.

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I Love Butterflies
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