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 Anonymous Love Story

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PostSubject: Anonymous Love Story   Fri Apr 08, 2011 1:58 am


This all started when i noticed his "Kagwapuhan". He's standing beside the door of their classroom one recess time. I told my friend, "Ang Gwapo nun!".Actually, I don't think it's the first time i saw him because I think it's already february. Even though he's not one of my batch mates, I don't think I haven't seen him before. But I'm sure, its the first time i noticed him. And then, I started looking at him every time I, with my friends, will pass by their classroom. I noticed he's responding, He looks at me at the same way I'm looking at him, I'll look at him when i know he's not looking at me and I'll immediately look away when i realized he's looking at me too. Sometimes, it's vice versa. Kilig..Then i really make it a point that I'll get to see him every day.

We go down the canteen time at most just to see him. One time, I'll buy drink. One time, I'll buy a food. One time, I'll buy candies. Etc.Etc.. I really do make a way. Then the next improvement is... he following me to the canteen at times. Then he'll be beside me our elbows and arms are bumping into each other because of those "siksik" people. I can feel the electricity flowing in my veins. I'm having those tiny droplets of sweat at my forehead besides my hands are getting sweaty. Although I'm not sure if he really mean it or I'm just assuming. Then, he became addicted with the popular Rubik's cube . He stopped looking at me every time I'll pass by their classroom and their favorite bench. He is really focused in applying the solutions for the cube.. Well ... me too.. One time my guy classmate watching him doing the Rubik's cube.

Then on of my classmates grabbed my arm while I'm passing by them. He's asking me to watch this cutie too I said "no". But then, he forced me knowing that this cutie is my crush. he said he'll introduce me to the boy besides this cutie. I still refused. I'm so ashamed. I'm not facing them that time. But still, my classmate wasn't letting go of my arm. That's why this cutie and his friends thought that i like the boy beside him. Grr.. Well, it's a blessing in disguise. He started calling me.. not by name, but his friend's name. He's actually bullying me. Well, at least he finally noticed me. Though it's not the way i want him to notice me. Everyday he's calling me that name and it came to a point that almost all of his guy classmates are calling me that name too. This cutie is really into bullying me! Then , i got his number from my classmate which is friend of him..

My other classmate, also a good friend of him warned me taht this cutie is sort of "suplado" in text. He won't text you bacj if he doesn't know you. He doesn't even know how to ask, " who you?". He simply won't reply. But then, I tried. I forwarded a quote to him. He didn't respond. I passed him a group message, hes till did not respond. The warning now deeply sunk into me. Suplado nga. But i tried again the next time i git my cellphone loaded. I passed him a group message with my name at the end. I'm making sure that he'll already realize this time that it was me whose texting him, still he didn't respond. I texted him "hi"... so desperate. Still, he didn't replied. I can't help it. I confrinteed him saying, " Di ba ikaw si Lance?! Di ba kaw yung natawag skin ng name ng friend nyo?! Ina toh..." At last. he did reply.KILIG. He's a nice text mate.

But unfortunately, we only have one topic to talk about and that is his friend, still thinking that i like his friend. The next day that we see each other at school. he smiled at me while calling me that name. I'm sure if i smiled back to him. I was so uneasy that moment. Super kilig of his first smiled addressed to me. Then, that smiling each other became very usual to us. We talked at times but still bullying each other. I bully him for my classmate has told me that he has mutual understanding with one of his batchmates.OUCH. He kept denying the issue. I don't know who to believe. The next time that we talk through text, I changed the bullying topic he had started. I opened up the topic about his ambition written at their yearbook in Grade 6. Written there is he wants to be a priest simeday. Funny, I can't imagine a mischievous boy turning into a well respected priest. He told me it wasn't true.

I also opened up the topic about him being the first placer at the solo singing contest as his achievement written on the yearbook. I can't believe it at first because i thought his only talent is dancing for he is a member of a pop group dance last final contest. I underestimated him[[s]Sorry, I never thought that you can be talented..And when he did not reply anymore, i thought he's offended.Childish. I even reminded him that he's the one who started the bullying! I said i'm sorry but still he isn't responding.Think POSITIVE. I told myself "wala lang unli!"..or maybe "nagaaral lang kasi test sa monday!" I'll just wait until Monday and see if he still smile at me. And he did! Thank GOD! I whispered. His Classmate had already stop calling me the name of their friend.

He started calling my own name at last.KILIG. The smile he is addressing me is not sort of sarcastic anymore it's kinda sweet now.. I'm so thankful for those improvements. Eventhough, he pasimply bullies me still. But not like before that he is already shouting for the world to know about it. Now, he'll just murmur, So sad, I won't see him anymore, I'll miss him..
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Anonymous Love Story
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